Karyn Whittemore is a person living life as a journey probably just like you. She earned her Masters degree in the Science of Nursing and is a board certified nurse practitioner.  Her heart, however, was in sharing her talents as a singer/songwriter.  

In 2014 she was diagnosed with breast cancer which caused her to completely rethink everything she was choosing and doing in her life.  Music became less important, and serving as a health care provider became even a more valued part of her life as a result. Her cancer experience opened a door to a more spiritual journey.

Karyn is not a psychic or a medium (yet).  She can’t see colorful auras swirling around people (yet).  She hasn’t had encounters with alien beings like our US Navy (yet).  She can’t move her hand through a solid wall (yet).  And she can’t cure someone’s illness by sending love and using her intention (yet).

Most of us don’t have these gifts or experiences (yet), but we can appreciate the gifts we have.  Karyn has guidance and intuition and feels impressions.  She’s even had music and songs come to her in dreams.

She appreciates all she has and also knows there is more that could be available to her and to all of us.  She would like to unite with others who want to embark on a quest to develop their abilities, reach out and communicate more with the world around us, improve our ability to manifest, and increase our capacity to love which is truly where the greatest gifts are found.

She has a vision of a world where once thought of miraculous things are commonplace.  Wouldn’t it be exciting to have people on the planet living to be 200 years old while looking 40, or to be able to heal fractures with our hearts and minds?  We live in cultures that don’t accept that these things could exist, and so they don’t. 

If enough of us work together on recreating our reality, our world could change dramatically.  And here’s the kicker, there’s a lot of science to back it all up!  To get there, we have to be willing to let go of some of our beliefs and acknowledge that they are just beliefs creating barriers to manifestation.

We live in a time that Shaman have long prophesied of when the Concord and the Eagle are flying together.  This is a time when people can listen to their intuition and follow their spiritual guidance but also have science to explain it and back it up.  It’s a time for leaps and bounds of discoveries and advances in both science and spirituality.

Eventually she would love to hold regular meetings through video conference to learn, share, and delight in each other's progress.  Until we have enough members and interest in doing this, please go to the Share Your Story page on this site and add your own story.  YOU make the world more colorful, and everyone adds their own vibrational color. Their own unique tone.  Together we paint a masterpiece of color and sound.  We harmonize in symphony and light.

We would especially love to hear from anyone willing to share their stories of encounters.  I would love to hear your near death experiences.  We would love to hear your stories of amazing synchronicities or how you used or developed your gifts.  We would also love to hear about the wonderful things you manifested into your world.  Even if you have thoughts or insights you feel prompted to share or wish to comment on something you learned from someone else, this would be wonderful.  Nothing is too small or too big as long as it comes from your heart.

Please join my mailing list as well.  If we want to co-create this new magical world, we need to stay inspired and work together with our thoughts and intentions.  To this end, Karyn will be putting out a weekly newsletter with regular updates and hopefully helpful insights.

If this speaks to you, and you wish to join Karyn on a journey to transform our world into an everyday magical kingdom, then she would love to journey with you.  To get started, please join our email list.  Now let’s start this adventure!